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Hyra:3000 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2019-01-19

Hejhej, I am moving out of my room in a private house (very close to Delphi - 10min by bike to the city center the street is called Källarekroken) end of February and am therefore seeking a successor from March 2019 on. The room is rather small (I guess around 12qm) but big enough to fit everything in. The rent is 3000kr/month (including everything). Deposit is 1 month rent 3000kr. The room is furnished. The rest of the house basically provides you with everything you need - fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, a huge living room, and a basement with a washing machine, dryer, etc. I really felt super comfortable here its a great place to stay. There are 3 other (female) persons living in the house. Ainara pursues a PhD and Miriam and Marina are both studying a Masters programme. All 3 are absolutely adorable <3 and we do not simply share a house, but like to have breakfast/dinner/talks together. However, we always understand if someones busy and needs some time for herself of course. Please contact me via - (DO NOT USE THE MAIL ADDRESS LISTED BELOW ITS NOT ACTIVE ANYMORE) if you have further questions. Tell us something about yourself, so we can get to know you a little bit :) Lena

 Kontakt:bopoolen.nuAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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