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Hyra:13800 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2019-05-30

A long-term and first-hand contract townhouse for renting. The house is located in Stångby, Lund, and is very close to Stångby train station (3 minutes walking distance). Traffic info: The train goes from Stångby directly to Lund with 5 minutes distance, and directly to malmo with 17 minutes distance. Bus No.3 also goes from Stångby to Lund. Biking to Lund centrum is 15-20 minutes. House info: The house is 92 sqr with a bright living room, a garden, an open kitchen, two spacious bedroom, two bathrooms, and a shared parking garage. The house is cared by the owners and kept in a very nice condition. The facilities are new and modern. The equipment include dishwashers, TV, audio system, drier machine and washing machine, and so on. Rent info: The renting period starts from 1st. August 2019, and is two years with a possibility of extension. The rent is 13800 kr /month, excludes the living cost of electricity, water and internet. The living cost is estimated to be 1-3k for a family of 4 person. ( Note: the living cost is very individual, and also depends on the season. The estimation is only a reference. ). A message to the future tenant: we expect to have someone who can take good care of the house, respect the neighbors, and with financial stability. A deposit of 3 month rent is required. Write a detailed message about you and those who will living in the house, preferably in English. Thanks

 Kontakt:blocket.seAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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