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Hyrdes ut:2018-08-22

I like it when there is life in my home. Most of the time, however, it will be perfectly still and quiet, so that our brains can think, study, learn and sleep. The apartment has five rooms, plus a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen and two balconies. Apart from the room were letting, you will also have access to the living room and dining room. Your room is about 5 times 5 meters and is facing the square Clemenstorget, so its very light. The room is next to the main entrance. For the time being the room has no door, but only a curtain, but hopefully that will change soon. If you wish, the room can be furnished. We are a family consisting of a man and his two teenage daughters (aged 14 and soon 16). I am a glad, optimistic and social gentleman with some odd and sometimes even controversial ways and ideas. BUT it never seems to be disliked by others, so you can relax I love history and nature. Im interested in psychology, society and the world, but am not into party politics. I would describe my political views as Green, Liberal, Socialist, Conservative and Nationalist. I believe in equality between men and women, but believe were born different and should be allowed to stay different. I dont understand religious belief. I am a convinced atheist. I grew up in 11 different countries, and have an emotional need to embrace my Scandinavian and classical European identity. I have no objections to homo- or bisexuality, even if I myself am not and dont really understand it emotionally. I do, however, mind drugs and smoking. When it comes to pets Im ambivalent. Our home is a living museum, with as little visible plastic and modern stuff as possible. I like to keep it that way. I have studied political science, history and psychology, and am currently working as a political adviser for a committee of 18 members of parliament from the Nordic countries. My private ambition is to unite Scandinavia and introduce a new form of democracy. My daughters both like to draw and paint. They listen to music and sing. One wants to play the piano, the other the guitar. They are both quite quiet and shy. None of them will give you any trouble. Theyre very good at understanding English, but shy to speak it. The 16-year-old is a semi vegan, the 14-year-old a vegetarian, and I am a semi-vegetarian. We dont care what you choose to eat. What about you My daughters want to live with a girl, so they can move around half nude if they feel like it. Im usually overdressed :-). You are Scandinavian and/or European in some sense. You are tolerant towards our weird ways and views. You like to be social, but not to such an extent that you become a nuisance. You dont do drugs or smoke You have a sense of cleanliness, but not in an extreme way. You respect the historic atmosphere of the apartment You can move in as soon as you like and stay as long as you want.

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