Swedenborgsgatan 27, Södermalm

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Hyra:5500 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2018-08-13

Rooms For Hire Stockholm Hi We have two rooms (5500Skr 15m2 and 5000skr 12m2 per month) for hire in a 5 bedroom apartment. You will be sharing a kitchen and two bathrooms and we are Kim(Canada)working IT in micro-biology, Sylvan(France) research at Karolinska, Heli(Finland) working at NIKE and me(Tanzania) a music producer. There is a modern laundry in the building which you can book any time. The apartment is located close to transport hubs, shopping centers and entertainment locations. It is located 20min walking distance to downtown Stockholm and it is close to plenty of parks and recreation centers. The security in the building is very good. Please feel welcome to view the rooms at Swedenborgsgatan 27-7tr and to ask any questions. The rooms are free from 14thDecember 2012. Minimum stay 4 moths, 2 months security deposit. Best regards Tino.

 Kontakt:studentlya.nuAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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