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Sorögatan, Kista

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Hyra:5800 kr/mån
Listad:41 dagar

Welcome to Sorogatan 95 Here we are a group of 3 roommates (and looking for our 4th) sharing a 100m2 apartment. START: from Oct 22 DURATION: 1 yr contract and possibility of extension continuously. We have two bathrooms (1 full bathroom with shower and one half bath -sink toilet), a large living room, a large dining room, a large balcony, own washing and drying machines, a large walk in closet (shared between you and one other) and 4 seperate bedrooms. We are on the top floor of our building, and are only a 6 minute walk from the Kista metro station and Kista Mall (straight line down the street). You also have a room to store your bike if you have one. We are a friendly group (23-30, one girl and two guys) who can/do go out together, but who also all have our own day to days (we all work in different companies and have different hobbies/activities). So its a great balance. Included in the rent: -internet -water Your additional costs: -electricity (even split among the roommates) note, the room in the pictures is the rental room, however configuration has changed a bit - we moved the bed to another wall and switched the bed tables for a big dresser (wide, not tall) for clothes and storage instead :)

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