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Perstorpsvägen, Farsta

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Hyra:5800 kr/mån
Listad:11 dagar

For 1 woman only If you respond please be very detailed about you. You are away office hours from the apartment, and you are a clean, tidy and a non-smoking woman. Wi-Fi, electricity, and warm water, is included in the rent. You pay the first month ahead, and ahead every month. There are several buses, and a subway close by, and it takes 25 minutes to commute in to the city center. Also a commuter train is (diffrent from subway) is close by. My apartment is 400 m from water, and beautiful nature surroundings, around the water. It is also 1 kilometer from a nice mall that has several diffrent supermarkets, shops as well as cafes and restaurants (the mall is Farsta centrum). You cant bring a pet, furniture, or a lot of belongings to my apartment. Your guestroom is 11 m and it has three windows. You can use 1 wardrobe, and 2 boxes underneath the bed, and then some space above the wardrobe. You can things in the kitchen, and nice bed linen, other stuff to use you buy yourself. I am Swedish and 47 years old. I live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment (64 m ). I have no pets, and I work alot from home. I am quiet, and I take good care of my place, and keep it nice and clean. The apartment building is new from last year. While you stay with me, we both dont take in visitors, so the home will only be a calm and relaxing place. The rent you pay ahead every month, and you can stay with me from 1 month up to 4 months. Tell me about you, as well as dates you want to move in. I am flexible with move in, and out dates. I have a dishwasher, big fridge, and freezer, microwave, coffeemachines, TV, wifi, kitchen utilities, a robot vacuumer, and a handheld vacuumer etc. we share living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

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