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Lundagatan 11, Huvudsta

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Hyra:13500 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2019-03-02

Newly bought apartment, you can still find more pics of this apartment in the broker Notars website https://www.notar.se/kopa-bostad/objekt/4QV48J06ND NEDR9Cbilder the pics shown here are all photographed by Notar. Near Solna centrum, roughly 5-8 min walk. Near Karolinska Institute, roughly 4 bus stops from downstairs or 10 min bike. About 10 min to Kista or T Centralen by subway. The rent is 13500 SEK per month including water, electricity, internet. the apartment will be available from April 1st, and will be cleaned by the previous owner (usually professional cleaning company will be hired for cleaning). Possible to move in in the end of March, t.ex. March 30 or 31 which are weekends. Preferred to be rent out for 6 months, but can be discussed to be 3-9 months. (I am living in another rented apartment now near Akalla where I can live to the end of September this year, and plan to move in to this one near Solna at that time.) The renovation of this apartment is rather good. The kok is furnished with a double-door fridge, coocker, oven, dishwasher, etc. Most of the furniture you can see in the pictures have been bought from the previous owner, including: double bed, flat TV and TV bank in one bedroom sofa, shelf, flat TV and TV bank in the living room diner table and chairs in the kok. Note: one bedroom (the one full of books seen in the above link from Notar) will be empty with no furniture. The apartment can be rent to up to 3 adults or one family. At least one of the tenant should have stable income or all are students. you can contact with me through the messages within Blocket, or via sms I will sign the contract with the previous owner on Feb. 28, 11:00-12:00, and it is easier to have a look at the apartment this time. Since the previous owners are still living in it right now, other time for a show may be only to those who show high interest.

 Kontakt:blocket.seAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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