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Smyckegatan 20, Västra frölunda

Gatuvy saknas
Hyra:4000 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2019-02-04

My wife and I a looking for a tenant to a room in our three room apartment. The room is fully furnitured with a bed, desk, two chairs, two book shelves and a waredrobe. There is access to a bathroom (with bathtube, washing machine and tumble dryer) and a fully equipped kitchen. There is Internet in the apartment. The apartment is 500 meters from of the major shopping centers in the city, Frölunda torg. Via bus line 50 you can reach the city center in 20 minutes. My wife and I are professional linguists and we speak English, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

 Kontakt:boplats.se/rumAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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