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Skyttevägen 2, Stocksund

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Hyra:5500 kr/mån
Hyrdes ut:2019-02-27

Eftersom jag är norsk, kommer denna artikel att skrivas på engelska. Om det finns några frågor angående bostaden. Tveka inte att kontakta mig. Hi We are 4 males who currently live in the house, all in the ages between 21-33 years. Two of us study at Naprapathögskolan while the other two work in stockholm. The house has a shared kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a small living room, as well as washing machine, drying machine and dishwasher. It is located in a beautiful area close to the water in Stocksund, Danderyd. The area is very calm and has very little noise, witch makes it an excellent place for students to live in. When using public transport, it only takes 15 minutes to travel to Stockholm University, 20 minutes to Naprapathögskolan and approx. 25 minutes to T-Centralen. The common living space is about 80 sqm, while the room for rental is at 12. We who live in the house enjoy it very much. We rarely party, do not make noise at night and show respect for each other when it comes to cleaning, noise and, not least, well-being. We are open to all inquiries in regards to the rental, but are essentially looking for Scandinavian students. Moving in takes place at any time soon. If there is any questions, please contact me. Kind regards, Jonas André Berg, Student Finn Larsen, Landlord

 Kontakt:blocket.seAnnonsen finns inte kvar hos källan och bostaden är alltså redan uthyrd
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