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When we moved into this house, we were very stressed. But we will explain that to you later. If you are tired of living in a noisy and crowded area, this house is a great option because you wake up to pure nature views, see little birds, moose, and the forest is a true treasure of mushrooms. The house is spacious, has new windows, and over the last 3 years, weve made significant improvements to the overall infrastructure, including a new heating system and solar panels. Moreover, youll have a tiny house in the patio with recurring bookings. It can actually save you a lot of rent (if not all). Youll just need to do the cleaning/check in-out and 50 of the benefits cleaning fee will be yours. The other 50 will be kept by the agency managing the Tiny House, which is in charge of sending new bookings your way. Fav right Oh, and the solar panels will remain for you to take advantage of the savings in electricity. The old barn is included in the monthly rent, as well as the two cats. But dont worry, they live in the barn and youll just need to make sure they have food and water (and cuddles if you like cats). Back to the beginning, why were we stressed Well, because when we bought this home, we only had one child. We knew the house was gorgeous and big enough that it would make us want to expand our family. And so it did. Why partially furnished Well live the fridge, dishwasher, washing and drying machine. Also, if you want we can leave a big corner sofa, a double mattress and a table 4 chairs.

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